Click A Color - Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Home with these Versatile Lights

The lighting in your home can drastically improve how your house feels as well as how good it looks but the problem is that there is a very big possibility that the lights installed in your house look bland and conventional. If you are looking for lighting that will have a more noticeable impact to the look and feel of your house then Click A Color™ is the product that you should get. What's great about the ClickAColor is that it is compatible with most light bulb sockets making it useable in the different parts of your home. What sets the Click A Color apart from other light bulbs however is that the LED light used in the bulb can change to one of the 16 different colors available with just a click of the corresponding button on the included remote. As seen on, this will allow you to easily set the Click A Color to a color that fits your mood or house design theme without too much hassle. The Click A Color bulb's brightness can also be adjusted with the remote control so if you are looking for truly bright light or you are just after a soft hue then you can most definitely customize the Click A Color to fit your preferences.

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