Click & Pour - Reviews Say This Product Allows for Fast Refilling of Different Household Liquids without the Mess

If you want to save money then buying in bulk is the way to go, and in the case of household liquids like cleaners and the like, you will most likely buy liters of gallons of the product and then transfer them to a container once the existing supply has ran out. If you encounter a lot of problems and mess when you refill your liquid containers at home and you want to prevent this from happening again then the Click & Pour™ is the kit for you. The Click & Pour system makes transferring liquids to different containers very fast and easy, and will allow you to do so with virtually no mess at all. For transferring liquids from its original large container to a small one, the basic Click & Pour attachment is most useful. Simply click the product onto the mouth of the main container of the liquid and you should now be able to pour out the contents into the new one without any mess at all. If you need to use a funnel then the Click & Pour's Fast Funnel is perfect for this application. The Fast Funnel clicks onto the mouth of the container you will be transferring liquid to. Also, the Fast Funnel features air vents that will allow the air to escape as you fill the container with liquid, making the whole process much faster. Reviews say that the different attachments that the Click & Pour system comes with makes the kit a versatile tool that will allow hassle-free and mess-free transferring of liquids at all times.

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