Clip-A-Phone - Reviews say this Product Will Allow You to Easily Capture Photos or Videos on the Go

Traveling or going on outdoor trips can really be fun and you most probably want to capture photo or video footage of your trips using your smartphone's camera. If you want to do so without compromising the mobility of your hands, then Clip-A-Phone™ is the product that you will definitely want to use. This special kit will allow you to mount your smartphone onto your ball cap with ease. As seen on, the Clip-A-Phone kit comes with 2 hats as well as 2 Clip-A-Phone mounting kits for you to use. First, all you need to do is to pair your smartphone and the Clip-A-Phone remote via Bluetooth. Then, insert your smart phone into the Clip-A-Phone then slide the product's clip onto your hat, making sure that the camera of your smart phone is facing front and that it is set to either photo or video mode. When you want to snap pictures or capture video, simply press the button on the remote to record or get a photo. Reviews love that Clip-A-Phone is very easy to use and provides a stable and secure mount for your smartphone that will allow you to capture a clear view of what is in front of you without tiring your hands.

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