CloudPets - The Specially Designed Teddy Bear that Will Allow you to Easily Communicate with Your Child Even if You are Away

Does your child feel down and upset whenever you have to leave for a few days or weeks due to work responsibilities? You can cheer your child up during these times by giving him or her CloudPets™. It is a specially designed teddy bear that will make communicating with your child extremely easy. Cloud Pets features a built in recorder, speaker and Bluetooth connection that allows it to connect with a smart device like a phone or tablet. To use, you will first need to download the CloudPets app into your smart device and to a smart device in your home. When you are away, you can easily record a message for your child and send it to the CloudPets server. The message will then be sent to the CloudPets app in the smart device in your home, which will then relay the message to the CloudPets teddy bear for your child to listen to. If your child wants to message you back, all he or she needs to do is squeeze the teddy bear's hand to record the message and it will be instantly sent back to you. With CloudPets, communicating with your child is easy and fun, even if you are miles away.

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