Cobra Max - Reviews Say this Product Allows for Fast and Hassle-Free Trimming of Your Lawn

Trimming the lawn is essential to make your home look neat and clean but the problem is that not only is the task quite time consuming to do; regular lawn trimmers can further exacerbate the problem. If you are looking for a lawn trimming tool that will do the job fast and effectively then the Cobra Max™ is the product for you. What's great about this trimming head is that it works with practically all gas trimmers available in the market today, making it a very versatile tool. What really sets the CobraMax apart from the competition and the main feature that reviews really love about the product is its Bump-and-Feed technology. With conventional lawn trimmers, you will need to disassemble the head and attach individual trimming wires to be ready for trimming. As seen on, with the Cobra Max, all you need to do is to simply feed the line through the head, twist the knob to lock the mechanism into place and you are good to go. The Cobra Max also holds up to 18 feet of wire, meaning you will not need to dismantle and load the head frequently. With this feature, users say they have saved a lot of time and hassle when trimming the lawn.

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