ColdHeat - Reviews say this is the Most Practical Soldering Iron You Can Use Today

If you do a lot of electronics related work then a soldering iron is one tool that you use quite frequently but the problem with this soldering iron is that it can be quite unwieldy to use and can even burn your fingers or hands should you get unlucky. If you are looking for a soldering iron that does not have the aforementioned problems then ColdHeat™ is the product that you should get. The first stand out feature of the Cold Heat soldering iron is that it is cordless. This allows the ColdHeat to be used with much more freedom due to the fact that the user will not be limited in any way by the soldering iron's cord. The other stand out feature of the ColdHeat and the feature that a lot of reviews love is that it has the Cool Touch technology. When powered on, the ColdHeat soldering iron will stay cool and will not burn your fingers or skin at all should you accidentally touch the tip. This means that there are a lot less chances of you getting injured when handling the soldering iron. When you need to use the ColdHeat however and have some solder come into contact with the tip then the ColdHeat will heat up in just a few seconds allowing you to use it just like a conventional soldering iron and is powerful enough for a wide array of soldering jobs that you may be using it with.

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