Comfy Control Harness - Reviews Say this Strong Mesh Vest with Leash Directs Your Dog without Pain or Injury

Keep your dog under control when going for a walk and keep your dog comfortable at the same time with the Comfy Control Harness™. Until now, most dog owners had to choose between a choke collar or a buckle harness if they wanted to maintain control over their pet dog when taking a walk. But choke collar are painful to your animal and can even do serious damage to your dog's neck. This is because your dog will at some time suddenly pull against the collar, causing a painful choking of the neck. Traditional harnesses, on the other hand, are not padded and are difficult to buckle and adjust correctly. An improperly set up buckle harness will be restrictive and even painful to your dog. The Comfy Control Harness does away with these problems. The Comfy Control Harness sends signals to your dog's chest and body, without doing any damage to the neck. The conforming mesh vest slips on easily and adjusts to your dog in just seconds. It also comes with a matching 5 foot leash. The strong mesh vest allows for cooling air flow and permits your dog unrestricted movement during play time. Reviews from veterinarians and professional dog trainers say this product provides control without pain and injury. The Comfy Control Harness comes in four sizes to fit any breed of canine: small, medium, large, and extra large.

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