Comfy Dreams - Perfect Solution for Excessive Sweating While Sleeping

No matter how cool and comfy you may be before sleeping, there are still times when you wake up all wet and sweaty. If you are a woman and you hate the discomfort and icky feeling that sweating while sleeping can bring, then you will definitely love what Comfy Dreams™ can do for you. Comfy Dreams is a specially designed night gown that will give your body a cooling effect all night long, preventing you from excessive sweating and allowing you to sleep in total comfort for hours on end. A lot of conventional nightgowns, while sporting a thin fabric, can still be hot and uncomfortable enough to cause you to sweat while sleeping. Comfy Dreams on the other hand features the cool and quick dry BreatheKnit Fabric that draws the moisture away from your body, allowing your body to cool down faster and at the same time allowing the sweat to dry faster. Reviews love the fact that Comfy Dreams is very comfortable to wear for hours on end while sleeping, and that with it, a lot of these users have stayed dry while sleeping and wakeup feeling truly refreshed and comfortable, without the icky, sweaty sensation to their body.

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