Commando Light - Reviews say this is One of the Most Powerful and Functional Flashlights that You Can Get Today

The flashlight is one of the must-have functional as well as utilities tools that every person must include in their set of home tools. If you are looking for a flashlight that will be able to give you the best performance as well as a lot of extra functionality then the Commando Light™ is the flashlight for you to get. As seen on, one of the highlight features of the Commando Light is that it is powerful enough to produce a 1200 lumen beam of light which allows the flashlight's beam to be seen up to 2 miles away. This makes the Commando Light a great portable light source and can also be used as a distraction and a deterrent to intruders or attackers in your home. Also notable is that the CommandoLight is made out of durable stainless steel and the product is even water-resistant so it should be useable in a wide range of environments and can still stay functional. Reviews also love that the Commando Light features 7 built in tools which includes a utility knife, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, a bottle opener, a bolt remover an emergency cutter as well as a glass break tool. With all these features and built in tools, the Commando Light is without a doubt one of the most useful and reliable flashlights that you can get today.

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