Contour Ab Belt - FDA-Approved Electronic Toning Workout Will Work for Toner Abs in Just Minutes a Day. Risk-Free Trial!

Working out the important core muscles of the abdomen can not only be hard, but can take months and months to get results. Finally, the European secret weapon has become FDA approved here. The Contour Ab Belt™ is simple to use and absolutely effective. Attached around the waist, it sends electronic signals to the abdominal and core muscles groups of the mid section that work out the area as effectively as crunches. Sounds too good to be true, right? Think again, thermal imagining proves that the toning exercise is a more effective workout than crunches and sit-ups alone. Even more convenient, the Contour ab belt can be used while driving, walking or performing your normal everyday chores. The results can be lost inches off the waistline and rock hard ab's that will have you back in a bathing suit in no time. As seen on, the Contour Abs system sends tiny and painless electric signals to your muscles which cause them to react by toning and firming. Your sculpted waistline is powered by Swiss wave engineering and is a science based work that stimulates your core muscles. It works the upper and lower ab's and the hard to work oblique's. The Countour ab belt is easy and safe to operate and comes programmed with specific target workouts that are only a button away. You are ensured to experience a one of a kind and completely tailored workout that will meet your needs and surpass your expectations. The Contour Ab Belt will change the way you feel about an abdominal workout!

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