Contour Double Back - This Revolutionary Pillow Provides Body Support for the Legs, Lumbar, and More

Are you having trouble sleeping, or frequently wake up having a sore back or pain in the arms, legs or neck? This could be due to your pillow giving you inadequate support whenever you sleep, but with Contour Double Back™, you can now say good bye to sleeping problems and enjoy sleeping for long hours in comfort. Every person has a different sleeping position which he or she finds comfortable. Some sleep on their sides, others sleep flat on their backs and many more. Regular pillows are just not designed to give the support needed for a variety of sleeping positions. However, the Contour Double Back features 2 separate pillows, a lumbar and leg pillow, in order to give you all the support you need. The lumbar pillow is not only great for aligning your spine; you can also use it as support on your abdomen if you sleep on your stomach. The leg pillow gives perfect support for your legs, especially for side sleepers, as you can wedge it between your legs when you sleep, preventing unnecessary twist in your spine. But not only that, you can also use the leg pillow as the perfect neck support. After use, you can easily roll together both the lumbar and leg pillows for easy and compact storage. So if you are looking for the perfect pillow solution to give you the most comfortable sleep ever, then the Contour Double Back Combo is the pillow system for you.

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