ConvecTop - Review the Best Way to Benefit from a Convection Cooker with a Ceramic Surface

Are you fed up with the limits of traditional cookware and how it makes cooking difficult for you and at times even causes your food to get burnt? You can say goodbye to that problem and enjoy cooking that is hassle free and precise with the ConvecTop™. It is an amazing cooking tool that enhances your regular stove top and transforms it into a convection cooker similar to what professional chefs use. ConvecTop is very easy to use. All you need to do is to place it on top of your cooking pan while cooking. The ConvecTop captures the heat from outside the pan and channels it on to the food that you are cooking in spirals. This convection effects cooks food evenly on all sides allowing you to cook at a fraction of the time while still maintaining the food's natural flavor and juiciness. Also included is the healthy cooking riser that allows you to cook your food without it touching the bottom of the pan. This separates it from the oil and the fat, while still allowing heat from the ConvecTop to circulate thoroughly around the food making cooking not only faster but a lot healthier as well.

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