Cool Baker - Reviews Say this is Great Tool to Start Teaching Your Child How to Bake

Baking can be a truly enjoyable experience, but it can get complicated and can also bring a risk for injury thanks to handling hot baking tools. If you want to teach your child the joys of baking in an easy and fun way without the potential risk for injury or burns then the Cool Baker™ is the perfect cooking tool set for your child. What's great about the Cool Baker is that it has everything that your child needs in order to bake. Central to the kit is the Cool Baker Magic Mixer Maker which will be your child's primary mixing tool. Also your child gets an assortment of food pouches, icing bags, icing tips, trays, a measuring scoop, spatula and many more. To use, your child simply needs to pour one food pouch into the mixing bowl, add water, and then mix using the CoolBaker Magic Mixer. What reviews really love about the Cool Baker however is that it does not need any heat in order for your child's mixes to cook. All that your child needs to do is to place the mix inside the fridge and after about 15 minutes, the cool cake is now ready for icing, decoration and eating. With the Cool Baker, your child will be able to experience the joys of baking even at a young age, without the risk for injury due to handling fresh from oven cooking tools and food.

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