Cooling Cushion - Give Your Body the Proper Support and Cushioning that it Needs While Sitting Down

Due to the nature of the work that you do, it is very possible that you spend many hours a day sitting down. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to get as much support and comfort as possible while sitting, then Cooling Cushion™ is definitely the one for you. Despite your chair already having cushions and supports, it is possible that these will still not be able to provide you with the optimal comfort that you need, due to these supports not being tailored to the specific curves of your body. As seen on, this is not an issue with Cooling Cushion. All you need to do is to place the product onto the seat area of the chair that you are using while you work. The product features a cooling gel top layer which helps to ensure that the parts of your body that come into contact with the Cooling Cushion are as cool as possible. The inner layer of the product features Full Support Memory Foam which allows the product to conform to your lower back and thighs, ensuring optimal support. Aside from the seat cushion, you also get a Cooling Cushion backrest in the package which will provide you with all the benefits of the seat cushion yet is directed to your back area.

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