Copper Pajamas - Keep Your Body Bacteria and Fungi Free with This Copper Infused Apparel

The body can be exposed to a lot of bacteria and fungi on a daily basis, which can cause different infections to the skin or other system bacteria and fungi related conditions. If you want to be as free and protected from infectious agents as much as possible then Copper Pajamas™ are the best pieces of apparel for you. These special pajamas are made with a super soft fabric that is infused with copper. Copper is known to have powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties so its infusion in to the fabric off Copper Pajamas makes them very effective at eliminating the bacteria and fungi that may stick onto them. In fact, laboratory tests at one of the top universities in the UK show that Copper Pajamas are very effective at killing over 99.99% of harmful agents that may stick onto them. Copper Pajamas are great for home use, but they are also very effective in nursing home or hospital use settings, as they can prevent skin infections like eczema and fungi outbreaks as well as help prevent more serious infections like respiratory and digestive infections and many more. The unique fabric formulation which includes bamboo fibers also makes Copper Pajamas very comfortable to use even for long hours.

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