Cord Cruncher - Reviews Say this Pair of Earphones Will Not Tangle or Cause Mess inside Your Bag or Purse

Thanks to mobile phones and tablets being able to play music, more and more people love to listen to their music on the go. If you are one of those who love to do so but really hate the fact that your earphones' wires gets all messed up and tangled while inside your bag and in your pocket then you will want to switch to the Cord Cruncher™ instead. This pair of earphones features a Tangle Free system, which involves an extendable and retractable sheet of flexible material around the wires of your earphones. When you want to use the CordCruncher, simply retract the sheet to expose the earphone wires. When it's time to store the earphones, simply extend the sheet to cover your earphones' wires, preventing tangles. You can even use the Cord Cruncher as a bracelet or a necklace for more ways of carrying your earphones without having to bring a bag or slipping them inside your pocket. Aside from the convenient tangle preventing feature, review also love the fact that the Cord Cruncher produces great sound quality and even has a very punchy bass sound for a very enjoyable listening experience. The Cord Cruncher is also made in the USA so you are guaranteed of its high quality.

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