Core Body Reformer - Review this Compact Total Body Exercise Machine You Can Buy from Nautilus

What if you could buy a single piece of exercise equipment that could work your upper body, lower body, and midsection at the same time? The Core Body Reformer™ from Nautilus is a compact, easy-to-carry machine that targets your core in order to train your entire body. Finally you can say goodbye to expensive fitness club memberships and bulky home gyms. The secret is the principle known as CoreBody Fusion, which starts with the core while also providing sculpting and toning to build up strength, stretching to improve flexibility, and cardio moves to burn calories and reduce fat. There are over 30 exercises you can do with the Nautilus Core Body Reformer and it three different resistance levels to provide the workout just right for your level of fitness and expertise. Review CoreBody and you will agree that it is easier to use and gives faster results that traditional exercise techniques. When you buy Core Body Reformer you will also receive a DVD containing 4 workouts, a weight loss plan, go-anywhere fitness flipcards, a workout poster, a strap for easy carrying, and a blue cover. Does Core Body Reformer work? Reviews in the press confirm that this portable device burns calories while sculpting the arms, legs, abs, back, glutes, and thighs without the need for weights for crunches!

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