Cover Plug - Reviews Say this Product Can Hide Power Outlets in Your Home, Giving Its Interior a Cleaner Look

A lot of people really love to keep their house neat, clean and looking great and there are a lot of people that hate parts of the house that can ruin its sleek appearance, like bare electrical sockets for example. If you are one of these people and you are looking for a product that will cover the sockets in your house, then Cover Plug™ is the product to get. As seen on, the Cover Plug, as the name goes, is a cover that is specially designed for electrical plugs in your house. What's great about the product is that you simply insert it over the existing sockets in your house and it should lock in place. Not only does the Cover Plug give the interior of your home a cleaner and sleeker appearance, but the product also acts as a safety barrier which can protect your child from the risk of electric shock while playing within the vicinity of an electric socket. Also, reviews love that the Cover Plug can easily be painted, allowing you to match the Cover Plug with the color of your wall or even paint on a contrasting color, allowing the Cover Plug to add more aesthetic appeal to the interior of your home.

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