Crazy 88 - Get an Auto Loan for the Care of Your Dreams, Regardless Of Your Credit Rating

Many of us have had credit mishaps. Whether it's horrendous credit card debt, a loan for a business that went south, or a host of medical bills, these mishaps can and will damage our credit rating. So what's one to do when his credit is bad, but he wants or needs a car? How to get an auto loan at a reasonable rate if your credit rating is really bad? It may sound crazy, but all you have to do is call Crazy 88™. Known for their slogan "88 Down 88 a Month", Crazy 88 will let you have the car of your dreams, for only 88 dollars down payment, and 88 dollars a month. And the best part is, they will do it regardless of your credit rating. As seen on, Crazy88 will sell cars to both those with good credit and bad credit, and always for a down payment of 88 dollars and monthly payments of 88 dollars. It sounds crazy right? How does Crazy 88 do it? Compared to going to just one dealer, who can dictate his price and loan rates to you, Crazy 88 is made up of hundreds of auto dealers and sales outfits from around the country. This means they are competing for everyone's business, including those with less than perfect credit standings. This also means that they have to offer the best price possible, and reviews show that it really works. Don't let your bad credit standing get in the way of getting your dream car, call crazy 88 today.

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