Crazy Miss Daisy - Reviews say this Product will help to Eliminate Pesky Insects in Your Home or Garden

Having too many insects in the area of your home or garden can be quite the problem as not only can these insects be quite annoying, but they can also pose a danger to your plants as well as to your health. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to keep the level of insects inside your home in check, then Crazy Miss Daisy™ is the product for you to get. As seen on, all you need to do is to place the product beside a window or in an area of your home that the sun's rays can hit. The product's solar cell converts the sun's rays into stored energy. As it gets dark, insects tend to go out. This also automatically activates the Crazy Miss Daisy, and that the product's built in UV light turns on, which attracts insects toward the product. Inside the Crazy Miss Daisy however is a live wire which eliminates insects that comes into contact with it. Aside from being quite effective at destroying pesky insects, what's great about the Crazy Miss Daisy is that it does not require external batteries nor does it require to be plugged to a power socket. This makes the Crazy Miss Daisy really energy efficient as it uses the power of the sun. Also, the Crazy Miss Daisy does not involve chemicals and the like, which means that it is truly safe for use in and around your home, even for the long term.

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