Cricut Expression - Provo Craft is Offering a 30 Day Trial of its Complete Personal Electronic Cutter with Accent Essentials Cartridge!

Lend your arts and crafts projects a slick, professional appearance quickly by utilizing the Provo Craft Cricut Expression® paper-shaping machine! You can slice out more than 4,500 shapes in a single push of a button, making this tool ideal for school projects, custom cards (such as invitations or thank-you cards), scrap book projects, party favors, calendars, tote bags, bulletin boards, vinyl lettering, Disney characters, posters and more! Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is an inexpensive replacement for pricier, less user-friendly craft tools such as die-cuts, allowing you to easily produce creative works by swiftly cutting a wide range of designs. The Cricut cutter is so efficient that it even re-uses your paper scraps, eliminating any need to clean up--and that's just one of its features! To use the Cricut, all you need to do is load your image cartridge, select your desired shape, and hit the button. The Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter package even includes a Helpful Hints DVD, as well as instructional booklets--no wonder Cricut Express has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As explained online on and, the Cricut Expression package includes a cartridge with 4,500 image accents, shapes, and fonts. The Cricut package also includes a spatula tool for removing cutouts, a craft starter kit (complete with a paper trimmer and two free blades capable of thousands of cuts each) and a sampler cartridge containing more than 2,300 phrases, images and additional shapes. If you want to start designing at home, Cricut Expression will help you to expand artistically. You can't find Cricut anywhere but online, so if you want an all-in-one crafting solution, order it today! You may be wondering does the Cricut Expression really work? Order now, and experience Cricut for yourself. Try the Official Cricut® Expression for Yourself Today!

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