Cricut Mini - The Cutting Machine for Crafting in Your Own Home, with Many Wonderful Design Cartridges to Choose From

Imagine being able to make paper lanterns that cast perfect shadows of flowers and vines. Or maybe wall patterns of beautiful trees and cute animals for your children's play room. How about some napkin holders that look like princesses, or mustaches for your straws? Think about making your own custom pillow cases and drapes with wondrous patterns. You can make all of these things easily and beautifully with the Cricut Mini®. The Cricut Mini is a magnificent new cutting machine that lets you cut paper, vinyl, fabric and other materials with the precision of a professional die cutting machine, but in the comfort of your own home. Its multitude of cutting cartridges is so extensive that it will let you make virtually any design you can imagine come to life. Making hand crafted decorations and objects is such a joy with the Cricut Mini. Practically everything in your home can be made more beautiful and more "you" with the Circuit Mini. Your kids will love working with it for school projects and for fun. Your family and friends will be amazed by all the things you have crafted with your Cricut Mini, and might even be skeptical that you made them yourself! There is absolutely nothing like it, and it is available for you today. Get a Cricut Mini and start true hand crafting today.

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