Crispy Wave - Reviews Say This Product Will Allow You to Oven Cook Your Food Using a Microwave

The good old method of using a hot oven in order to cook food or bake is probably one of the best way to achieve a truly delicious and juicy dish, but the problem with cooking with an oven is that not only can it be quite impractical to work with; there are a lot of things that you will need to do in order to prepare the oven for cooking. If you want to cook a dish that will give you oven-cooked like results but without the hassle then the Crispy Wave™ is the product for you. It is a specially designed food wrap that will simulate you cooking your food in a hot oven but using a microwave instead. To use, simply tear off an adequately sized sheet of CrispyWave, wrap your food and then cook it into the microwave. As seen on, what the Crispy Wave does is it converts the microwave energy that your microwave produces into thermal energy, thoroughly heating the food allowing it to cook fast. What a lot of reviews love about this product is that the thermal energy that Crispy Wave radiates to the food does not dry out the moisture or the juices inside the food ingredients, allowing them to retain their full flavour and at the same time make them very juicy and enjoyable to it.

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