Crystyler - Bling and Customize Virtually Any Object that You Own With Ease

If you like the look of shiny, crystal accents then you most likely want to put them on as many accessories or items that you own as you can in order to give them a more flashy and attention-grabbing look that only crystal accents can have. These crystals can be quite difficult and tricky to apply though so if you are looking for an easy way to work with these crystal attachments then the Crystyler™ is definitely the tool for you. Invented by Norma Rapko, this tool will definitely make blinging up your objects extremely easy to do. To use, all you need is to get the Crystyler tool and press it onto the crystals that you want to use in order to load the tool up. Then, apply Gemit Glue on the surface that you want to add crystals on and once that is done simply point the Crystyler tip on to the area that you want to accessories, press on the tool and tap on the lever in order to release the crystal. With this tool, not only is attaching crystal accents to your items extremely easy to do, but doing so is also more accurate than working with tweezers. This also allows you to create unique and great looking crystal designs that a lot of people will surely notice and appreciate.

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