Cuddle Trays - This Product Will Effectively Help Minimize the Mess That Your Kids' Spills and Accidents can Cause

Kids love to play with toys, do some painting and colouring as well as enjoy delicious drinks and refreshments but the problem is that kids can be very active and quite clumsy that they tend to spill or drop the things that they are playing with, eating or drinking. If you have the same problems with your kids at home and you want to minimize these occurrences as much as you possibly can then the Cuddle Trays™ are what you should be getting. On initial inspection, you will notice that the Cuddle Trays look just like any other stuffed animal. They sport cute designs and are quite soft and cuddly, so your kids should have a great time playing with or hugging them. What sets the Cuddle Trays apart from other stuffed animals however is that the CuddleTrays open up and reveal a wide tray that your kids can easily use. Not only do the Cuddle Trays offer a wide and flat platform that your children can use for their activities and play; it also features a cup holder that can hold different sizes of cups and water bottles with ease. What's great about the Cuddle Trays is that they easily conform to your child's providing them a stable area for them to work, play or eat on with much reduced chances of spills and mess.

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