Cuddle Up Playhouse - If You are looking for a Play House then This is One to Get for Your Child

It is not surprising at all that children love to play with playhouses so if you are planning to get one for your child then the Cuddle Up Playhouse™ is one that you will strongly want to consider. As seen on, what's great about the Cuddle Up Playhouse is that it comes in a number of different variations with colorful and quirky designs that include a barn, a firehouse, a castle, a palace as well as a doghouse. The Cuddle Up Playhouse kit also comes with one small stuffed animal included which your child can insert into the Cuddle Up Playhouse. What really sets the Cuddle Up Playhouse apart from other playhouses is that this product is actually able to provide your child with extra comfort and warmth. Simply unzip the Cuddle Up Playhouse and then fold flat in order to transform the product into a comfortable and warm blanket. Also, the Cuddle Up Playhouse can be used as a tote to store some of your child's stuff in so whether as a toy or as a functional or comfort accessory, the Cuddle Up Playhouse will allow your child to have a lot of fun as well as get a lot of use with the product.

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