Cuddle Uppets - Endless Fun and Comfort with This Cross Between A Blanket and A Puppet

What do you get when you cross a cute puppet with a cuddly blanket? You get a Cuddle Uppets™! A Cuddle Uppet is a caring companion, who is always at your child's side - to play with, to talk to, to keep them warm and tight, to make them feel safe at night. Cuddle Uppets are endless fun. No need for batteries, just your child's boundless imagination! They come in six different colors that are sure to charm their way into your child's heart, and probably yours too. Have your child take a walk with Pink Poodle. Or visit the playground with Purple Monkey. Maybe go camping with Yellow Puppy. Or have a snack with Green Crocodile. Read a bedtime story with Blue Elephant. Or snuggle up to Brown Bear at night. With a CuddleUppet, the fun never ends, and your child is never alone. There is no other stuffed animal like a Cuddle Uppet, because it's not just a blanket, nor just a puppet. So get your child a CuddleUppet today and you'll see them have so much fun with their brand new buddy who can go with them anywhere, is always around for a sleepover, and knows just how to talk to your child.

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