DAP XHose Pro - Find Out Why this is Best Expanding Garden Hose You Can Buy

The DAP XHose Pro™ is the best garden you can buy, and possibly the last garden hose that you will ever need at home. The original XHose by DAP was truly a revolutionary product when it comes to garden hose, and the DAP XHose Pro version brings in more improvements to the original expandable garden hose design. Still present is the XHose's durable and lightweight design. At just two pounds, the hose is super light and is very easy to carry around your house or work place. The 2-in-1 multi-layered internals of the hose also returns from the original XHose, with the thermoplastic rubber inner hose covered and reinforced with durable, super strong webbing that makes the DAP XHose Pro stronger than the original. The DAP XHose Pro expands in minutes when water runs through it, and automatically contracts in seconds after the water is turned off. This unique feature makes the hose very easy to work with, and also prevents tangles or kinks for a truly hassle free usage. Other additions and upgrades to the expanding DAP XHose Pro includes: solid brass fittings, a wider hose diameter and a more powerful spray. All these useful features combine into the expandable hose that countless reviews describe as the best garden hose you can buy today!

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