DeVersal - Reviews say this is a Reliable and Extremely Versatile Mobile Device Holder

More and more people have at least one smart device which they use on a frequent basis. If you are lone of these individuals and you are looking for a way to conveniently hold and use your mobile device whatever you do or wherever you may be then DeVersal™ is the product for you to get. This is a truly versatile mobile device accessory that you will most certainly find to be very useful. As seen on, the product's primary feature is the Micro Suction System and to use, all you need to do is to stick the mobile device onto this surface. This can hold up to 10 pounds so whether you have a smart phone or a tablet, DeVersal should be able to keep it secure. You can also choose to use the DeVersal's universal phone clamp if you prefer. Attached to the grip head is a long and adjustable neck which you can also attach to a smooth surface using the suction cup on its end. This allows you to easily attach the DeVersal to a myriad of surfaces in your home or car, making the product a truly useful static mount that will allow you to use and view your smart device while freeing up both of your hands. Reviews also love that the DeVersal has a number of attachments and accessories like shoulder straps, which will allow you to enjoy the convenience that the product can give even if you are on the go.

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