Doggie Seat Belt - Reviews Call this the Best Car Harness for Dogs

Bringing your dog with you on long road trips is definitely a fun experience, but can also be a major safety issue for both your pet and yourself if you do not have the proper equipment to keep your dog securely as well as comfortably strapped into your car. With the Doggie Seat Belt™ however, you and your dog are safer when going on long car trips. When going on car trips with your dog, you usually just place your dog on the front passenger seat or rear passenger seat. This could be problematic whenever you abruptly stop, as your dog can hit the windshield or other parts of the car's cabin due to the inadequate support. At the same time, it can also be a very dangerous setup for both you and the dog, as the dog can jump around the car, increasing the chances of you getting involved in an accident. The Doggie Seat Belt solves this problem. It is a specialized dog leash that has a car seat belt buckle on one end, as well as a specialized harness for your dog. All you need to do is attach the Doggie Seat Belt onto the dog harness, and buckle one end like you would on a regular seatbelt. Now, your dog is securely and properly supported inside the car. You can also adjust the length of the special seat belt to allow your dog more motion. Countless dog owners gave sterling reviews to the Doggie Seat Belt, and consider this the best pet seat belt available, and is an accessory that every dog lover should have.

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