Doggone Clean Paws - Convenient and Effective Solution to Cleaning Your Dog's Paws

A lot of people will definitely agree that dogs make for the best and most adorable pets, but most pet owners would also agree that their dog's dirty and muddy paws can cause a lot of mess inside and out the house and even on your claws. With conventional bathing methods, cleaning your dog's paws can be very messy, but with Doggone Clean Paws™, this will not be an issue anymore. Doggone Clean Paws is a cleaning kit specially designed for your dog's often dirty and muddy paws and with this kit, you can easily clean them without having to bath your dog's whole body. To use, all you need to do is pour water on to the Doggone Clean Paws tray, wash your dog's paws, wipe and your dog's paws are clean again. The Doggone Clean Paws tray features a waffle patterned bottom area which allows effective cleaning of your dog's paws when they are brushed onto the bottom of the tray. Not only is the waffle design tough on dirt and mud, but it is also very gentle on your dog's paws and allows dirt to simply sink to the bottom of the tray for hassle free cleaning. The Doggone Clean Paws kit is very compact, so you can bring it anywhere you take your dog for an effective paw-clean which should greatly minimize mess.

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