DohVinci - Reviews Say This Fun Product Allows Children to Create Beautiful, 3D Looking Decorations

Decorations to the wall or door are great accents to any room or home, but beautiful decorations can be quite expensive and that making your own crafts can be quite difficult and time consuming as well. If you want to be able to make your own door or wall decorations that look beautiful but do not require too much effort or a lot of artistic skill or experience then the DohVinci™ is the product for you. Developed by Hasbro, the DohVinci is an innovative product that will allow you to create your own home decorations with utmost ease. To use, simply fold up the included cardboard designs, load up the DohVinci Styler with a Deco Pop, aim it onto the folded cardboard plate, squeeze and design your own accents or look. What's great about the Dough Vinci is that it uses a material that is quite similar to Hasbro's PlayDoh, which makes the material very easy to design and decorate with .What's great about the DohVinci is that the material hardens, making it a reliable material for coming up with unique looking decorations. Reviews also love the fact that you can use the DohVinci on a wide variety of materials like wood, plastic, metal and many more so if you want to add decorations to your home or room with a personal touch then the DohVinci will allow you to do so with very little hassle.

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