Doodle Gelz - Every Kid and Kid at Heart Wants These Colorful, Stickable Gels

Doodle Gelz™ are simply amazing! These funtastic colored gels may seem simple, but the delightful designs that come out of them are beyond description. The only limit of Doodle Gelz is what can be imagined. Haven't you wished that you could keep your kids designs on something more than just paper? Have you ever had a heartwarming drawing stuck to your fridge only to have it fade and fray? Well with Doodle Gelz that will no longer be a problem! Doodle Gelz work wonders for making durable, transferrable and adorable images and stickers. They come in vibrant colors that you and your children will love using to draw all sorts of things. Fantastic palaces, with rainbow filled skies. Amazing forests full of magical creatures. Whatever you can imagine, you can bring to life with Doodle Gelz. The best part is, when these color gels dry, you will have an amazing easy-to-attach, easy-to-remove gel picture that you can put anywhere in your home! It works better then paper and pencil drawings, because you don't need a magnet or a tack to stick it on and getting it wet will not destroy it. Stick your Doodle Gelz doodles on the fridge, on the ceiling, up the along the stairs, or to mark the doors of your home. There's so much you can do with these amazing doodles, and there's so much fun you can have with your family. Get some Doodle Gelz now!

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