Dotza - 2-in-1 Color Pens Gives Kids Hours of Colorful Fun. Complete Kit Includes Sprayza Colored Airbrush

If your kids are ready for a colored creation sensation, they need Dotza™ - the two-in-one colorful new way to color anything fun and easy! Dotza makes art fun again in a way you've never seen: kids simply dot the Dotza pen to make dots with bobbly, bursty dimensional effects created by a small hole in the pen tip. They just follow the pen guides to position the hole where they want. With Dotza, kids can make pictures bursting with beautiful color combinations. And it gets even better - with Dotza comes Sprayza, a kid-powered airbrush system for even more amazing colored affects. Sprayza is just as easy to use as Dotza - you simply take the Sprayza airbrush system, put a Dotza pen in the holder, and your kids blow through the back of the Sprayza stick. The air rushes past the Dotsa marker, airbrushing colorful blends of artistic wonderment. Best of all, Dotza and Sprayza are super-easy to use, do not require batteries and are a cinch to clean up. You'll get 12 Dotza pens and 60 creative templates, plus a free Dotza idea book. And when you order right away, you get the Sprayza airbrush system, complete with 12 additional pens and 20 more stencils. Give your kids a whole new way to play and stimulate their creative minds all day. Dotza away!

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