Dr Ho Back Belt - Hophysio Decompression Belt Provides Traction to De-Stress the Spine and Relieve Back Pain Anywhere

Back pain impacts the entire lives of people who suffer from it. Every activity is made more difficult when someone has to endure aches in his or her back and spine. The Dr Ho Back Belt® (also known as the Hophysio Decompression Belt) provides relief for back pain, hip pain, and related shooting pains in the legs. As seen on www.drhobelt.com, this belt is portable, effective, and easy to use. Just put the belt on, pump it up, and feel your spine straighten up while your back pain goes away. Because it fills with air, the Dr Ho Back Belt is not bulky and can be worn underneath your clothes to relieve pain while you work, play sports, travel, sleep, or do housework. Created by Doctor Michael Ho, this product is a professional back traction device recommended by doctors and chiropractors. Decompression is proven therapy for upper and lower back pain. You can also use the Dr Ho De-Stress Belt for 30 minutes each day as a back therapy treatment. Use this to avoid the pills, appointments, and high bills that other back and spine therapies require. Similar decompression back belts can cost a thousand dollars or more. Also available is the belt extender to ensure a proper fit, an easy to use foot pump for convenience, a heat pack for pain relief anywhere on the body, and an instructional DVD so that you get the most effective results. Try the Dr Ho Back Belt to feel good again while standing, walking, lying down, lifting, and sleeping. Try the Dr Ho® Back Belt for Yourself with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Get FREE Gifts!

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