Dr Infrared Heater - Great Reviews on the Best Portable Heater That Uses Quartz Infrared Technology

Are the colds months coming up and you wanted to buy a heater that is portable yet without compromising on heating power? The Dr Infrared Heater™ is what you are looking for. On first glance you will notice that the Dr Infrared Heater comes in a no frills design that looks simple and classic thanks to its wood panels. But despite its small size and inconspicuous looks is a powerful heater that can heat up to 1,000 square feet in no time at all. This heating power is much more effective when compared to other heaters that are bigger in size. The Dr Infrared Heater achieves this amazing heating power because of its advanced dual heating systems built inside its compact body. The Dr Infrared Heater employs a state of the art infrared quartz tube + PTC that delivers amazing heating performance. It also features a high pressure yet at the same time low noise blower that effectively disperses heat at just 39 decibels of noise. You can easily transport this heater around the house thanks to caster wheels on the bottom of the unit. Dr Infrared Heater boasts a 3 year USA Warranty, so you are guaranteed that this heater will last. Many reviews agree that this is the best compact heater on the market today, and it easily beats many other heaters that are twice the size and price. So if you are after a portable heater that is powerful as well, then the Dr Infrared Heater is your best choice.

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