Dream Lites by Pillow Pets - A Cute and Cuddly Night Light that Transforms Your Child's Ceiling Into a Softly Lighted Night Sky.

Kids don't like lights out. It means the end of their day of fun. It means no more playing. It might even mean time to be afraid of what's lurking in the dark. We don't want our children or grandchildren to feel that way. But we also want them to get a good night's rest, and to sleep properly. Did you know it is actually possible for kids to look forward to lights out and not be afraid of it? Dream Lites by Pillow Pets™ are you and your child's new best friends when it comes to dealing with lights out. Dream Lites are cute and cuddly stuffed toys in many designs that transform into night lights, to keep your child safe and sound at bedtime. Brought to you by the people who made Pillow Pets, Dream Lites are just as cute and cuddly as Pillow Pets when the lights are on. But Dream Lites really shine when the lights turn off, and you child can transform the bedroom ceiling into a glittering night sky with just a press of a button. No more night fears and no more difficulty getting them to go to bed. With Dream Lites, a pattern of moon and stars is projected in soft light to comfort your child and keep them feeling safe, which means a good night's sleep and waking up refreshed. Get your child a Dream Lite today and chase fear of the dark away.

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