Dreamie - Like Having A Bed With You Anywhere You Go

Everyone knows that with the Dreamie™, the discomfort of lying on the sofa with cold feet and without a nice, soft pillow for one's head is just a dream away. A throw wrap won't do the job-definitely, not as well as the Dreamie. This love, truly Dreamie blanket serves like a cocoon that wraps around your entire body, including your feet, to distribute warmth throughout your body and make you feel snug--with a pillow packet to boot. Now you no longer need to worry about pillows slipping off, thanks to Dreamie. It is almost like bringing your bed to any part of your house, whether in the deck for a brief rest, the living room while watching TV or by the fireplace. Even better, the Dreamie fits in any purse or bag, so you can take the Dreamie with you when you travel, especially if you are worried about sleeping on hotel sheets. The Dreamie takes care of that. The Dreamie can also be used by college students in their dorms, or is handy at a family or cub scout campfire, or at sleepovers. With the Dreamie, so many sundry tasks become easy to do. Do you have sudden houseguests who wish to stay the night? Pull out the Dreamie and they can snuggle up comfortably at very little extra effort from you. And if you use the Dreamie all the time, you no longer have to worry about making beds every morning. Which can be just...Dreamie.

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