Dry Clean Doggie - This Product Will Help Your Dog Dry Up Faster After a Bath

Getting your dog to take a bath can be a stressful experience but it can get even more stressful when your dog goes around the house wet and shakes the water off, which can cause a lot of dirt and mess to spread around your home. If you are looking for a product that will help dry your dog fast and effectively then Dry Clean Doggie™ is the product for you. What's great about the DryClean Doggie is that compared to conventional towels, the Dry Clean Doggie features a zip up design. Once secured on your dog, the Dry Clean Doggie will be able to soak up all the moisture from your dog thanks to the fabric being able to dry 4x faster and also holds 4x more moisture than conventional cotton towels. As seen on www.drycleandoggie.com, the Dry Clean Doggie fabric also traps dirt from your dog with ease. With the Dry Clean Doggie, you will be able to easily dry your dog after giving it a bet or if your pet gets wet. Also, the Dry Clean Doggie will be able to prevent unnecessary mess and dirt from your dog from spreading around your house and should result in a lot less hassle when it comes to cleaning up after your dog.

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