Dual Hanger - According to Reviews, This Simple Twist on the Conventional Hanger Saves Lots of Space Inside Your Closet

If you own a lot of clothes then it is quite possible that your closet at home is already quite stuffed with clothes, accessories and other fashion related items. If are looking for a way to save as much space as possible inside your closet and arrange your clothes and accessories in an orderly manner as well as make them easy to access when you need them then the Dual Hanger™ is the perfect product for you. With conventional hangers, you can only store one or the most 2 piece of clothing which can actually take up a lot of space if you have a lot of clothes that you need to store. With the DualHanger however, you can actually store up to 10 garments off of one hanger. All that you need to do is to hang 5 of your clothes on each side of the Dual Hanger and lift up in order to make the hanger as compact as possible. With the Dual Hanger, you should be able to quadruple the storage space inside your closet with ease. Reviews also love that the Dual Hanger features a hook that can hold belts and neckties and that the Hanger even features and LED light that will make it easy for you to get the clothes that you need from the Dual Hanger even in the dark.

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