Dual Wave - Easily Heat Your Food and then Eat it from the Same Container Without Any Hassle

A lot of dishes are best consumed when warm or hot but the problem is that it can be quite the hassle having to transfer your food from the heating container to the pot or plate that you will be using for eating and that this can actually increase the risk of mess and burns. If you are looking for a product that will negate this hassle then the Dual Wave™ is what you will want to be using. What's great about the DualWave is that it is very easy to use. All you need to do is to put the ceramic bowl into the insulated holder and then fill it with the food that you want to heat. As seen on www.getdualwave.com, once that is done pop the Dual Wave into the microwave and heat your food as usual. Once your food is done heating, you can simply just pull out the Dual Wave from the microwave and then eat the food that you have just heated. The Dual Wave's outer base is insulated and stays much cooler than the inner, ceramic bowl so you can easily pull out the Dual Wave from the microwave without having to worry about burning your fingers. Also, since you do not need to transfer your food through different containers, you will be able to minimize the mess when you heat food before eating.

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