Dump Cakes - Unique Yet Simple Recipes Show You How to Make these Easy Cakes. From Cathy Mitchell.

A lot of people want to bake but are turned off from doing so because of all the hassle and attention needed to exactly measure ingredients, prepare for baking and wait for specific periods of cooking time in order to come up with delicious cakes and other deserts. With the Dump Cakes™ books from Cathy Mitchell however, coming up with delicious cakes and deserts is simplified in ways you never thought was possible. With traditional baking, you spend a lot of time in order to come up with delicious cakes and most of the time spent is on measuring and on preparation. With the Dump Cakes recipe book, you will be taught how to make cakes with just a few steps. With it, you will realize that you do not always need to measure ingredients to exact amounts; all you need to do is just dump ingredients into the baking pan, pop it into the oven, cook, and after a few minutes, you are done! The Dump Cakes recipes are very easy to do that even a beginner can come up with delicious dump cakes even in just their first try. Seasoned bakers and can also benefit greatly from this book as they can whip up deserts easy and instead focus their attention on other food that needs to be cooked. With Dump Cakes, virtually anyone can create delicious deserts that the whole family and even the guests will surely love.

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