Dump Loaf - TV Chef Cathy Mitchell Promises this Cooking Tool Will Change the Way You Prepare Meatloaf Forever

Meatloaf is a common family meal that a lot of people eat o n a regular basis, but have you and your family gone tired of the same old meat loaf that you eat time and time again? Spice up your meatloaf and turn it into something new and extremely delicious with Dump Loaf™. TV Chef Cathy Mitchell claims that Dump Loaf will allow you to make delicious, stuffed meatloaf in just minutes. To use, all you need to do is fill the DumpLoaf with meat and use the presser on the meat. The words "Dump Loaf" will then form on the meat that you have spread due to the presser. You can use this space as an area where you can dump in whatever filling you want your meatloaf to have, like cheese, vegetables, spices and many more. When you are done dumping in all the fillings and ingredients that you want the meatloaf to have, all you need to do is to cover the top with meat and use the flat side of the presser in order to seal the meat loaf. Then, simply pop it into the oven, cook as you would your meatloaf and once it's done, you now have a mouthwatering, extremely delicious stuffed meatloaf that you and your family will surely love. With the Dump Loaf, you will be able to transform a boring dish into something that is very delicious that you can easily prepare at home.

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