Dynamic Duo - The Motion Activated LED Lights That Offer Great Security as Well As Convenience Benefits

Adequate illumination is very important in your home as it makes moving and working around your home much easier and that it can help make your house become much more secure as well. If you find that adding more lighting to your home or installing a security system to be incredibly expensive then the Dynamic Duo™ is the product for you. Unlike conventional lighting options, the Dynamic Duo features a technologically advanced motion sensor that switches the Dynamic Duo on should a person, an animal a car or any moving object pass through it. With the DynamicDuo, going around your house at night is effortless as you will not need to fumble for the light switch. Just pass by the Dynamic Duo and it will automatically turn on, and will also automatically shut off after 60 seconds. This motion activated lighting action also allows the Dynamic Duo to be a very good deterrent to burglars and intruders into your home. As seen on www.buydynamicduo.com, the Dynamic Duo LED light bulbs produce 60 watts of light, and can last for 100,000 thousands hours, allowing the product to provide you with lighting that is bright and the product will last you quite a long time as well.

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