Easy Eggwich - With this Easy to use Sandwich Maker, You Create Delicious and Filling Egg Sandwiches In No Time at All

Eggs are the perfect addition to your breakfast sandwich, but preparing eggs can be quite messy and could also be time consuming. If you are looking for an easy way to prepare eggs that are perfect for your energizing breakfast sandwich then you will definitely love the Easy Eggwich™. It is a specially designed egg cooking tool that will make it extremely easy for you to create the breakfast egg sandwich that you love to eat in the morning. All you need to do is to add an egg or two into the Easy Eggwich, and also put the ingredients that you want like cheese, onions, tomatoes and many more and then just whisk the eggs to mix. Then simply pop on the lid, place the EasyEggwich into the microwave, and set it to cook for just one minute, and you now have perfectly cooked eggs that are also in the perfect size for your toasted bread, for that beautiful and delicious breakfast sandwich. With the Easy Eggwich, your favorite egg sandwich in the morning is easy to prepare in just a short period of time without the mess, so you are guaranteed to get a truly filling and delicious meal just before going to school or going to work.

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