Easy Minder - The Pill Organizer Box That has a Built in Timer and Alarm to Remind You to Take Your Medication

It is no surprise that you may have forgotten to take your medicine every now and then, but forgetting to take your meds often can lead to more serious health issues. If you are looking for a product that will help remind you to take your medication on time then Easy Minder™ is what you are looking for. It is a specially designed pill box with its own timer and alarm built into it. This amazing pill organizer has large compartments for each day of the week allowing you to easily segregate your medication for specific days. The compartments have extra-large embossed print, as well as braille illustrations if you for the visually impaired. Once you are done segregating your medication, all you need to do is to set the alarm using the easily programmable interface. Once your set time is reached, the EasyMinder sets off an alarm and also continuously blinks, which should easily catch your attention and remind you that it is already time to take your medication. Not only is the organizer easy and convenient to use, it also features a slim profile, making it very easy to stuff inside your bag for outdoor trips or vacations. With the Easy Minder, you will not lose your pills again, nor forget to take them at the proper time.

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