Easy View XT - Glare Blocker Add-on to Your Car Windshield Visor Shields Your Eyes from the Intense Sun Rays

Excessive glare from the sun during driving is very dangerous, as it can cause distraction while on the road and increases the likelihood of an accident to happen. If you want to eliminate the problem of glare and make driving a lot safer, then the Easy View XT™ is for you. It is an effective glare blocker that attaches to your visor, making it easy to reach. The traditional car visor is opaque so whenever you pull it down, it blocks off some of your vision, which can make it more dangerous than the glare itself. The Easy View XT on the other is transparent with a special coating. This allows you to easily see the road ahead of you while at the same time drastically reducing glare and improving contrast. The EasyView XT is much more convenient than specialized eyewear as it will not impede your motion or cause you discomfort. This glare shield also negates the need to apply tinting to your windshield as it already effectively blocks the glare whenever you need it, and folds back up easily when it is darker outside, maximizing your vision at all times. The Easy View XT is definitely a must have for all drivers, and especially for those who go out on long road trips.

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