EdenPure Heater - Review How the Eden Pure Gen4 Portable Infrared Quartz Heater Keeps You Warm and Saves Money

Save money and get better heating for your rooms with the EdenPure Heater™. The technology used by the Eden Pure Gen 4 is much more efficient than warming your home using a furnace that tries to deliver heat through cold and leaky air ducts. Even if your whole house is equipped with an electric baseboard, the EdenPure can do a better job. That is because the Eden Pure heater is a infrared quartz heater with a patented tube that creates heat at a prescribed wavelength . Its copper heat exchangers effectively distribute the heat throughout the room. This means you will save money on your heating bills while keeping the heat in your room evenly distributed. This is much better than an old-fashioned coil space heater, which leaves some parts of a room too hot and other areas too cold. And an EdenPure heater work without the risk of causing a fire! As seen on TV with Bob Vila and Richard Karn and on www.epheatertv.com, the EdenPure Gen4 heater heats up to a 1000 square foot room with a heat ranger running from 50 to 90 degrees. It is small enough (16 inch height x 13 inch width x 18 inch depth) to be portable and it comes with caster wheels and a 8 foot long electrical cord. The EdenPure heater comes equipped with push button controls and a remote control as well.

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