Eggies 2 - Easily Prepare the Perfect Hardboiled Eggs with this Product

Hardboiled eggs are a great way to enjoy eating eggs but the problem with cooking hardboiled eggs the conventional way is that they can be quite difficult to cook perfectly and can also be difficult to peel the shell off of the eggs. For an easier experience of cooking and eating hardboiled eggs, Eggies 2™ is the product for you. To use, simply open up the Eggies 2, crack an egg and pour its contents into the Eggies 2, close the lid and cook like you would a hardboiled egg. AS seen on, the Eggies 2 features a non-stick interior which means that the egg you are cooking will not stick onto the product's inner surface. Once the cooking is done, simply twist the Eggies 2 open and the product should slide off. Also, the Eggies2 features flat shape for the bottom of the hardboiled eggs that it cooks which makes the eggs easier to serve and eat. Also, the method of cooking eggs that Eggies 2 provides will also allow you to easily add your choice of seasoning and ingredients to the eggs as they boil, allowing you to enjoy more flavor out of the eggs that you prepare using this product.

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