Eggies - Love Hard Boiled Eggs But Hate Peeling Them? Get the Cooker That Cooks Perfect Peel-Free Results Every Time

Hard boiled eggs are delicious! You can have them with your salad, you can have them deviled, you can have them as a side dish, you can even have one as a snack! But they can be tedious to peel them, which is why you should try using Eggies™! Eggies are amazing little Hard Boiled Egg cookers that will ensure you get perfect peel-free results every time. As seen on TV, Eggies are simple to use. All you have to do is crack the egg into an Eggie cooker and cook the entire thing like you would a regular hardboiled egg. The brilliant part comes when it's time to serve the egg, all you have to do is twist to open the Eggies and you will be greeted by the sight of perfect hard boiled eggs - no more ruining them by peeling them! Now you can use those perfect boiled eggs for all your favorite recipes such as egg salad and deviled eggs. Use them in toppings for paella, or even pizza. Make lots for picnics, kids' school snacks and office nibbles. Reviews show that Eggies are convenient, effective, and fun! Every egg eater should have a set at home, making it easier to consume their healthy weekly egg quota. Get your set of Eggies today!

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